MyQ Print Management Software

Life is short, so print wisely. Are you applying MyQ?
At Copy Quality UK, we’re huge fans of innovation that saves our customers time and effort as well as benefiting the environment. Let us introduce you to MyQ. This is a multipurpose print process that keeps you in total control.  Be more. Do more.

Innovation in action
MyQ is an innovative system that enables effective management of the following, previously hideously time-consuming procedures:

  • Mobile print
  • Device management
  • Scan procedure
  • Print management
  • System management
  • Servicing and maintenance

MyQ is intuitive, flexible and incredibly dynamic. If, as a business owner/director/line manager, you like the sound of reduced paperwork, efficient operations, cost savings and ecology management, we’d like to invite you to read on – this could be a great time for you and your business!

My Q

Prepared for our connected worlds

In our connected worlds, through MyQ we can facilitate the ability to print documents at every printer or multifunctional device from your PC, tablet or mobile phone – wherever you are. You, your colleagues and the wider business environment can accomplish your tasks anywhere, anytime.

Secure, too.
Security is front of mind, too. As an example, before printing your requirements, you will identify yourself by entering a password, using your smartphone. Furthermore, simplified operation through the reduction of paperwork ensures your continued satisfaction and the continued toast of the Finance Director.

MyQ actively supports the development of businesses using the tech, saves employee time and prevents unnecessary wastage, decreases paper consumption and prevents unnecessary use.

A world of benefits

The benefits are plentiful; savings impressive. We can devise an implementation programme that puts selected personnel in control so that you save money, effort and resource, as well as reduce your carbon footprint. All these savings amount to an impressive total. Savings roll over, and in years to come, you’ll be enthralled with the cost reductions and environmental awareness you’ve contributed to.

Want to use today’s technology and save tomorrow’s world? Contact us today:

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