Equitrac Print Management Software

In today’s competitive business environment you need an edge. Reducing your costs is a no brainer but so often we see printer devices wasting not only money but time too.

When staff want to print, they expect to be able to do just that. They don’t consider which print server or network they are connected to. There is certainly no consideration as to which print drivers have been downloaded.

They certainly don’t think about whether a printer is online and ready to print. Naturally, they just want to hit ‘print’ and get on with the job.

Unfortunately, this is costing you a fortune.

So it is more important than ever that you manage document output on all your office equipment devices to get the very best results.

The objectives are to reduce paper and ink cots to a minimum. We want to save paper wastage, reduce energy costs and provide the fastest and most efficient work environment for your staff.

How Equitrac Management Software will give you a competitive advantage.

When left unmanaged, operational costs can significantly increase. This normally happens as new networked devices are added and the company expands. Very soon spiralling output costs are juts accepted a part of the price of expansion. The good news is it doesn’t have to be like that.

Software solutions that can measure and manage your network and the devices on it will save you both time and money. As your network grows these savings become even greater.

In cooperation with leading software provider Equitrac, Ricoh now offers Equitrac Office™.

Equitrac Print Management Software is designed to monitor, measure and manage your network-wide document output. This easy to use modular solution tracks copy and print activities in a detailed manner.

So now you can easily and accurately allocate costs to specific individuals, departments or groups. From a cost management point of view, this is a far better way of allocating costs and working out true profitability.

Equitrac Office™ is simply the ideal tool to better understand your office equipment usage and manage document output costs.

Feedback from our customers has been fantastic and we would be happy to arrange a demonstration to see how it can improve your performance and reduce your costs.

The main benefits of using Print Management Software.

Equitrac Print Management Software has made a huge impression on our customers. The savings achieved by using it are outstanding  and the benefits really are significant:

  • Direct output to the most efficient device available.
  • Accurately allocate output costs to different departments. Track costs effectively, manage print costs by department and reduce wasted paper.
  • Secure print across the company. Eliminate unauthorised printing and copying to reduce costs.
  • Protect document confidentiality. With GDPR this is becoming an increasingly important factor.
  • Enforcing quotas on colour output will massively reduce wastage.
  • Obtain insight into usage patterns so you can better manage the devices.
  • Manage printing costs and improve efficiency. Increase device efficiency for the best return on investment
  • Reduce your IT support requirements., again saving money.

Equitrac Print Management Software is just one in a whole range of print management solutions that Copy Quality offer in order to save you money.

It has been estimated that the printer wastage in even a medium-sized office runs into thousands of pounds a year. So every print job counts.

So give us a call today and chat to one of our friendly team on 01707 659312.Equitrac Brochure


Control: Ensure that printing is done responsibly, securely and within your company guidelines. Better security is rapidly becoming a major factor for many of our customers.


Choice: Deploy the infrastructure that IT wants while helping staff print only what they need.


Convenience: Provide access to users whenever and wherever they need it.

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