Managed print services can be a confusing and divisive subject. However, the benefits of using MPS are becoming better known and increasingly gaining momentum with businesses worldwide.

One factor that still seems to elude those investing in MPS is how printer repairs and replacements are carried out. As a standard, MPS services include workflow efficiency, cost savings and ROI (return on investments), but another key benefit is the printer repair and replacement that’s included in Copy Quality’s MPS program.


It takes time and money to carry out standard printer repairs, with call-out charges, parts replacement and the actual cost of the repairs to consider. But by using Copy Quality’s MPS program, the printer repair and replacement comes down to us.

Here’s how the program is run and what to expect.

  1. We carry out an inventory of every printer across all locations of your business.
  2. Once that’s collated, we conduct and assess a detailed print history from the current equipment.
  3. Your MPS goals will be discussed and recorded, which can be different for each location if needed. (Bespoke).
  4. We’ll advise and recommend where to place your equipment for optimum usage.
  5. If there are any inefficient printers, we will advise you on whether to repair or replace them.
  6. We then maintain, support and manage your business’ printer fleet and environment.

Copy Quality will remotely monitor all the equipment you’ve included in the MPS program through software we’ll install on your network. We can then track several printing components, which include:

· Users;

· Supply usage;

· Details related to each print job;

· Tracking of technical issues and automatic notification to Copy Quality.

This means issues can be detected long before any users notice, which allows repairs to either be carried out remotely or via a service technician who’s sent out to repair issues on-site.


By using a managed print service, your printer repairs are covered by your service agreement. Copy Quality will provide a phone number and email for you to contact us whenever an issue is identified. This means that any help desk support, remote assistance, on-site technical work, and all costs associated with printer repairs are included.


Using a printer for a prolonged period of time will eventually wear it out, no matter how well they’re managed or looked after. They either become unserviceable or the price for fixing them costs more than the printer is worth! That’s when having an MPS provider is particularly useful, because they will replace your printer with another comparable one, costing you exactly zero, whether the warranty has run out on the device or not. MPS takes the stress away and ensures your entire print environment functions at its optimum level.

Copy Quality will assess whether a repair or replacement is more cost-effective and make a recommendation based on our findings. However, you can take a look at some of the following elements yourself if you have equipment that isn’t included on your MPS program.

How often does your equipment break down?

The general rule is, if your machine is breaking down more than a few times a year or consistently underperforming, it’s likely outdated or doesn’t have the capability to perform at the level you require it to. If this is the case, a replacement might be your best bet.

Are the parts available?

Age is a factor when considering equipment repairs or replacements. The older a model is, the less likely parts for repair are available, and if they are, they might be more expensive or difficult to procure. In this situation, a replacement may be more cost-effective.

Does downtime massively affect your business?

How often do you use the equipment that is broken or underperforming? Can you quantify how much it will cost you during the time it takes to repair? If you can, it’s worth working our whether it’s more cost-effective to replace the machine so your business and employees remain productive.

For further information about our managed print services and all the associated benefits, please visit us here. Whether you’re a large or small enterprise, we offer a wide range of services to suit your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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