Running a school is hard work. There are many variables to consider when it comes to departmental budgets and resources, and with an increasing need to tighten budgets in many schools across the UK, money saving efforts are paramount for ensuring cost effective practices.

How school budgets work isn’t always easy or obvious. A lot of negotiation and scrutiny is required to ensure the budgets are balanced by the end of the year, which is why Copy Quality is committed to ensuring an open and cost-effective solution that helps schools save money through the prudent management of their print environment. We hope to uncomplicate the budgeting process so that when the end of the fiscal year rolls around, it isn’t a case of making last minute decisions on your printers, toner replacements or any new devices you may need.

Managed Print Services (MPS) is a popular and strategic way of ensuring your school has everything it needs at all times. We’ve put together a list of the Top 6 Benefits of MPS to help you make a decision on whether it’s right for you.

  1. There’s no last minute panic

Managed Print Services eradicate the last-minute panic schools often have when it comes to buying toner or printer equipment. Copy Quality’s MPS will get to know each school’s printing environment until it is able to predict when something needs replacing and replace it straight away! This is where the cost savings start to kick in. Instead of stock-piling equipment or panic buying toner, your MPS services knows exactly what you need and when you need it. Even new printers and copiers are taken into account, with the school given a complete break-down of what’s needed so the costs are transparent and shock-free.

  • Action, not reaction

Those who work in schools, colleges, universities (or elsewhere) and are responsible for deciding what equipment and replacements are needed find Managed Print Services a huge relief. Instead of being a final decision maker, the stress and last-minute panic is taken away from them. This is because they are given actionable data intelligence to determine the needs of their school, instead of just reacting to random requests and hoping for the best!

  • Mobile management

As MPS gained in popularity, technology caught up in order to provide a greater service too. It’s now possible to manage the printing services from a mobile device, which enables schools to control who has access to the printers, the printing costs, and see detailed analytics about everything to do with their printers.

  • IT departments are freed-up

No longer do IT department professionals have to run around all day tending to various printer issues. A long-term benefit of Managed Print Services is the fact that an IT department’s time is freed up to focus on the millions of other issues they have to deal with, or projects they haven’t even started yet. This is both a long-term cost saving and an employee benefit that the HR department can promote during interviews.

  • Efficient usage

Schools tend to have a fleet of printers that all need regular maintenance and upkeep. MPS take that manual load away and ensure every printer is operating efficiently. This means they experience less downtime and ensure greater long-term savings. If a printer does break and can’t be fixed, then Copy Quality offer a new printer as part of our service package.

  • Controlled costs

MPS is first and foremost a cost-saving initiative. Managing your print environment is integral to cost control, and in order to understand where and how to make those savings, you need to understand the data you are given. That’s where MPS comes in. Being able to see everything that goes on at an organisational and individual level, they can give schools the data required for greater decision making. Not only that, but they can encourage continual improvements for schools alongside their existing print strategy.

MPS can provide your school with a predictable and efficient service to your educational print environment. If you’d like further information on how Copy Quality can provide high quality print services, or you are in charge of your school’s printing budget, see how we can help you by visiting us online here.

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