5 common copy and printing problems and how to quickly fix them

Sloth-like printing times

Likely one of the most frustrating issues you may come across when it’s time to print – slow print times.

There are many reasons why your print times are tortoise slow: high resolution setting, memory issues or choice of drivers so it’s important to know where to look when trying to remedy this.

Quick fix:

Starting with high-resolution images, these contain more data which means your PC and printer need longer to process them. This is a major cause of slow print times so if you’re just looking to reel off office documents pronto and you’re not worried about a professional finish then it may be worth switching to draft, standard or normal mode.

You can easily switch back to high-quality for presentation pieces or anything you need to go out to clients or customers.

Alternatively, if using higher quality images is part of your workflow you might want to consider adding more memory to keep everything running smoothly.

The dreaded paper jam

Where is it coming from? Which piece of the copier do I need to take apart?

Paper jams are incredibly inconvenient and usually take a lot of time to figure out and remedy so it’s important to take a preventative approach to this before it becomes an issue and stops you mid workflow.

Quick fix:

First you need to understand why paper jams happen. This can be due to paper being loaded improperly and sometimes the incorrect size of paper is used.

The main thing to know though is that the jam is happening because the copier is failing to pull the paper through the machine.

The quick fix for this is to manually remove the paper and reload it properly with the assistance of the machine telling you where the jam is. It’s important at this point that you remove any dust, dirt or debris that may be clogging the feed too.

Preventative is key here: keep the feed clean (wipe it down regularly), load paper properly and ensure the correct size paper is used.

Toner or cartridge problems

This is a fairly simple issue and again something that commonly affects copy quality.

Quick fix:

If toner is flagging up as empty or low this is a simple fix as it just needs replacing – one of the easiest fixes on the list.

However, if the toner is malfunctioning there could be a couple of issues that need looking at. If there is a manufacturer error somewhere in the mix then a new machine from the manufacturer may be the only solution. Alternatively if it’s simply an incompatibility issue then you might just be using the wrong toner for that particular machine and you need to use something else.

Copies causing you to squint (too light or too dark)

Again, another massively common problem with copy quality is that copies come out either too light or too dark.

There are usually one of two things at play here: settings or drum malfunction.

Quick fix:

Check the density settings on the machine, these are often accidentally changed and this is usually the easiest and quickest fix to dark and light copies.

If however this doesn’t fix the problem then there is a real chance that the toner is either bad or the drum is malfunctioning.

Crows feet of the copy world

If your pages are coming out wrinkled they might as well not be coming out at all. This can lead to paper jams and overall just terrible looking copies.

Quick fix:

Wrinkled pages usually happen when the rollers become sticky, thus causing jams, which is why it’s always important to have your machine professionally cleaned or at least perform some upkeep yourself.

Moisture build up is also another culprit and when combined with worn-out paper trays you’re asking for all kinds of wrinkled pages, affecting copy quality completely.

Still can’t get to the bottom of it? Give us a call and we can come and assess, repair or replace the issue. Call us 01707 659312 or email david@copyquality.co.uk

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